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23rd Apr, 2008

Life as we know it until now.

Aie, I've been gone for a bit so I thought I'd do a nice little recap of my life so far! Grab some popcorn, it's a doozy.

Well I've been accepted to PSU and I will be going there to study history and eventually get my degree in teaching. I'm rather looking forward to it. 

I quit Auntie Anne's; they were really starting to piss me off. Oh, good news too! Apparently I'm a heartless Bitch! I made a girl at AA's cry and quit! HA! Good for me, knew I had it in me! :) I joked about with her and said she couldn't read. How bad are you with self-esteem issues if you cry and quit over that? Lord knows I've been called worse and have had worse said right to my face. Whatever bitch, you made my day!

I'm having a throat dilation procedure in a month too. It's going to make my throat bigger so I can actually swallow solid foods! Exciting no? I'm really looking forward to it. They're going to slide a tube down my throat, take it out, then put an even bigger one in. I used to be a tad nervous of the procedure, but I'm fine about it now. I had to go to the Emergency Room last Saturday cos I had something stuck in my throat and they ended up shoving this thing down my throat to push it down. Cool eh?

Ah, now for the fun thing I call drama! fanfiction.net is getting hysterical! Those idiots Battling Bard has dubbed the 'Creepy Crew' are acting like a bunch of five year olds on a soda trip. This one chick even said she'd sue BB or something like that. As if. Please bitch, whatever. If anything, BB has more to complain about then you do chicky. She has her own Encyclopedia Dramatica page and some of the stuff on it is just wrong. Fucking wrong. The 'Falcon Punch' one is the worst. I may be a bitch and heartless, but that is something you do not do. Whoever made that is a sick twisted fuck who deserves to be shot. 

Have not done one of these in a while but I think it's in order, since it has been a long time.

4th Jul, 2007

Last of the Time Lords

Hoh boy... I have two words to say... but I will introduce it with a joke. Ready?

Knock, knock?

(This is the part where you say: Who's there?)


(This is the part where you say: Doctor Who?)

Aha! Get it? Get it? Hahahha! It's so stupid but funny at the same time.

I saw Last of the Time Lords a few days ago... it was... KICK BLOODY ARSE!! Doctor Who is the BEST TELEVISION SHOW IN EXISTANCE! WOO!

On a related note, trying to watch Blackpool...with David Tennant...it wont load for me... pissing me off...

So, I purchased a few Doctor Who things recently: The Doctor Who soundtrack, the 10th Doctor 12 inch action figure (yes I'm a dork), and the first three episodes of the original series with the first Doctor. :) I'm in heaven... Now, I can't wait for the Christmas Special!! Voyage of the Damned looks soo good!

12th Jun, 2007

Burning now I bring you hell

Have not updated in a while. Have not had time. :( But now I need to because I'm pissed and I have no where else to vent. 

I've been fine for a while. Not angry, not pissed, slightly peeved at the world but thats normal... but what I'm feeling now is pure, raw anger. I have not felt like this in so long... I am so mad... I'm suprised I have not yet done anything... 

What happened was this: at work, me mate (whos the supervisior) told me that the other supervisor hated working with me because I quote, 'don't do anything'. He even thinks its bullshit... I KNOW its bullshit. How many times have I vented on this LJ about people not working? HOW MANY TIMES EH? This makes me so fucking mad! 

So, he told me that next time I work with her not to do anything... then when I leave say, 'oh, I didn't do anything tonight. So sorry love, but cant you see the diference here?' Or something to the effect... UGH IM SO MAD NOW!!!
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30th Apr, 2007

Camp Glingal 2 (A sneak peak)

So, if you're reading this then you've found the sneak peak to CG2- The Lady of the Necklace! It's unedited and just the bare bones...but I guess I'll post it here. 

There, up to chapter two...hope you liked it!

26th Apr, 2007

Out in the open

They stood in stony silence. One afraid; the other mocking his captive in silence. The captor pulled out his gun and the captive cringed. All around them the sounds of the forest escalated into a vivacious crescendo until all was suddenly silenced by a single gun shot echoing through the woods. The captive dropped to the ground panting. The captor shot his captive in the stomach mortally wounding him. He turned to leave but the captive spoke.
"You leave me out in the open," he gasped through the pain. "You leave me here to die."
The captor turned around. A smile escaped through his demented face. He nodded.
"Please, shoot me again," the captive pleaded. "End my pain."
The captor turned back around and exited the woods. Far behind him he heard the captive loose the struggle.


"You traitor! I should have never trusted you!" she roared.
The situation seemed desperate. She stood surrounded by the one group she had been running from. Her "friend" betrayed her; all hope seemed lost. The friend stood in the background with a smirk. She crossed her arms in front of her.
"Friend? Do you really think I would keep you safe when they promised me so much?"
"What did they give you?"
"The first shot."
And with that the guns fired and her desperate situation ended. 


The pool of blood had gotten deeper. The dried crimson covered her arms, hands, clothes and face but she did not care. She cradled her dying lover in her arms. He looked up at her and she knew he was getting farther and farther away. His eyes became glossy and his breathing became shallow.
"My love," he gasped.
"Shh, do not speak. It will be okay," she promised.
He shook his head.
"Nay my love it will not. I leave you now, I leave you to carry on. Forget me love and find another to give you happiness for I cannot."
Tears began to trickle down her soft cheeks.
"No, do not say such things. They have gone to fetch the healer, it will be all right."
It seemed as if he did not hear her. He suddenly tightened his grip on her hand.
"I love you," he whispered.
She nodded.
"Aye, I love you too. You will always be in my heart."
His grip on her hand went limp and the warmth and love in his eyes vanished. All that remained was an empty, shallow shell. 


"No!" he screamed but it was too late. The selfless love of the one he adored saved him from the fatal blow. Her lifeless body crumpled  to the ground. Forgetting his foe, he picked up her body.
"No, no, come back!" he screamed.
When he realised it was too late, he placed her body back on the ground. He raised his eyes to meet those of his foe and a dawning vengeful gleam replaced eyes once filled with love and kindness.
"You shall live to regret all that ye have done!" he roared as he charged. 

That was odd...Don't ask what that was as I don't even know. *shrugs*

24th Apr, 2007

Deja Vu

I've been getting many instances of deja vu as of late. Every conversation I seem to have with someone I feel as if I've already done it. It's crazy but it feels as if time's on a loop...but its not...since...well, its April 24th...and tomorrow will be the 25...and time will move on...time will move on...but why does it feel like its moving around me? Or why its repeating itself? I can recall having the same exact conversation with someone and then a month later, with the same person(s) I'll have the same conversation in the same setting and everything will be exactly the same. It's insane...

 Oh! I'm also very excited because Boris is coming home soon! At the moment, he is with Boromir, Chesterfield, Maglor, Jules, and Tummus (well, Jules and Boromir are kind of out of comission) reading and MSTKing a few really bad Lotr fics. After the newest fic, Boris is coming home for some down time in Montreal (the Nazgul are taking a vacation to Montreal. I think they're going to go to an amusment park or something...) In exchange for getting Boris back, I'm handing over Sauron... he's not too happy about this...*shrugs* oh well. I'm sure he'll be fine. *gigglesnort*

Hmm...at the moment I'm listening to Valier -- Queens of the Valar by Battlelore... it's so pretty...Oo...now it's Dragonslayer... another kickarse song. :)Mmm...ice cream...I'm eating ice cream right now. And its not just any ice cream...its the ice cream that's shaped like little dots...they call it the ice cream of the future!!! It's good...mmm......future....

Anywho, time to go. After ice cream I gotta go work on my maths homework. *sigh* yippie.


22nd Apr, 2007

Little Brother-A LotR One-shot

I wrote this a few nights ago in a span of fifteen minutes. It has not been BETAed yet, its still in my buddys inbox. But I thought I'd share it on my LJ. This little One-shot takes place post-War of the Ring in Minas Tirith. It is based on the Rorogwela Lullaby found in the song 'Sweet Lullaby' by Deep Forest. Let me know what you think :)

There. :) Now to edit it countless times before it makes the final cut and posted on ff.net and lotrfanfiction.com

18th Apr, 2007

Photo time!

So, I'm bored and I have nothing else to do...so...its time for a bunch of photos from moi! :) Hope you like them!!!

And that concludes my pictures for today! Wasn't that awesome?

17th Apr, 2007

We're in for one wild night...

Wowness. I just went through one wild bloody night I'll tell ya. I don't mind power outages. In fact, I love them. I think it's fun to have the power go out. But, I don't like being woken up at 10 o'clock at night by my brothers frantic yells of 'Get up! The powerpole in front of the house is on fire!' 
So, I screamed 'what? oh fuckberries!' (Yes, don't ask...I had just been watching Red vs Blue so...) and I jumped out of bed and threw on some slacks. As I'm running down the stairs outside my bedroom, there was a loud BOOM and I grabbed onto the railing and ducked. When I looked back up, everything was off. I was surrounded by pitch black darkness. My exact works at this time? 'OH SON OF A FUCKING BITCH! GODDAMIT YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!'
So, mum called 911...seeing as the telephone kind of exploded...*rolls eyes* I didn't get back to bed until 2ish and even then I was woken up every fifteen minutes or so. I live in a very old house and it creeks...normally we don't hear the creaking as theres plenty of noise to block it...but in the silence of the night the house shifted, and creaked, and moved all fucking night. So what does my brother do? He comes into my room every fifteen minutes or so saying 'I heard a noise...' 'yes packo, it's just the house go back to bed' 15 minutes later. 'I think someones breaking in...can you check it out?' A sigh. 'fine! If it'll make you go to bed!' An hour later 'I heard another noise...' 'PACKO, GO TO BED! ITS JUST THE FUCKING HOUSE!' 10 minutes later 'I'm scared, can I sleep in your bed tonight?' 'NO! NOW GO TO BED! I HAVE TO GO TO WORK TOMORROW AND I'D LIKE TO GET SOME SLEEP PLEASE!' 15 minutes later. 'I'm serious this time, I heard someone enter the house.' A groan and a sigh. 'You're doing this to me on purpose are you?' 'no...' 'THEN GO TO FUCKING BED PACKO BEFORE I STRAP YOU TO THE BED!'

All night...all fucking night...I thought I was going to kill him. 

So then the next morning...well, power's still out. I can't take a shower before work...milks gone spoiled (there were clumps in it. Gross) Work wasn't that busy seeing as it was storming outside...so that was good I guess. I get home...and the house is dark, completly without light. I screamed 'oh you fucking gotta be kidding me!' I stormed into the house and saw my mum and packo playing cards at the kitchen table by candlelight...They said the power had gone out again..I refused to believe them. Eventually they gave up the act and said the power was actually back...those arseholes...

So, now I'm in the school computer lab working on random things...I have not been on the internet since Saturday afternoon...crazy eh? *sigh* I did like the whole not having to do anything though...that was fun...

on a side note: yesterday I recieved my shipment of Idaho Spud Bars. :D The world is now a brigher place...

12th Apr, 2007

Tonight we dine in Hell! Er...heck, sorry.

I just saw the funniest parody thing online yesterday... Watch it!






I so need to get a webcam...I need to reply to this bullshit up at youtube about the movie '300'. This guy keeps talking about how '300' is racist and all this crap. Dude. Really now. Calm down! Jesus Christ! It's a fucking movie loosly based off of the real battle. Nothing in the movie business is 100% accurate. Movies are meant for entertainment. If you want information, watch a documentary. 



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